Flyingmonsters 3d: удобный календарь 2017

Flying Monsters 3D is the first 3D film ever to be awarded a BAFTA (category: Specialist Factual). See media coverage or photos. Just as dinosaurs began their domination of Earth, pterosaurs ruled the prehistoric skies. Some with wingspans as long as a modern jet plane, these flying. Flying Monsters 3D features one of the greatest mysteries in paleontology: how and why did pterosaurs fly? How did creatures the size of giraffes defy gravity. Experience science on the big screen in our dynamic National Geographic 3D Theater. Watch as stunning visuals from popular science films

Flying Monsters 3D is a natural history documentary about the pterosaurs. It was written and presented by David Attenborough and was produced by National. Oct 3, 2011 3D and CGI technologies on that huge Imax screen take us back to the age when winged vertebrates ruled the prehistoric skies. Flying Monsters 3D is a groundbreaking 3D movie that uses cutting edge filming technology and 3D CGI to bring the story of giant flying monsters and their.

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